Anti-Trust Notice Regarding the Sharing of Compensation Related Data:
As a reminder we want to ensure that you are aware of our position on the sharing of compensation-related information. MHHRA prohibits and does not sanction the sharing of compensation related information among members. The sharing of this information is prohibited by federal antitrust law. The alleged sharing of compensation related information has been the subject of several lawsuits against hospitals and healthcare-related human resource organization. As a result, we want to ensure that all members are aware of our policy and our commitment that the unsanctioned sharing of compensation related information is prohibited.  We ask you to ensure that MHHRA remains a solidly grounded organization through which our members feel they are able to share helpful information on human resources and build relationships among colleagues without running afoul of the federal law. If you have any questions please contact a Board Member for assistance.

Recommendations: Occupational Health Center

I am looking for an occupational health center in the Saginaw market for pre-employment physical / drug screen / immunizations. Can anyone make a recommendation? Thank you!

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  1. Neil MacVicar

    Apr. 9, 2019

    Check with Rick VanLaan at ARC Point Labs in Kalamazoo. His group may serve that area; if not, he should be able to provide a referral. Rick VanLaan ([email protected]) Neil


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