Anti-Trust Notice Regarding the Sharing of Compensation Related Data:
As a reminder we want to ensure that you are aware of our position on the sharing of compensation-related information. MHHRA prohibits and does not sanction the sharing of compensation related information among members. The sharing of this information is prohibited by federal antitrust law. The alleged sharing of compensation related information has been the subject of several lawsuits against hospitals and healthcare-related human resource organization. As a result, we want to ensure that all members are aware of our policy and our commitment that the unsanctioned sharing of compensation related information is prohibited.  We ask you to ensure that MHHRA remains a solidly grounded organization through which our members feel they are able to share helpful information on human resources and build relationships among colleagues without running afoul of the federal law. If you have any questions please contact a Board Member for assistance.

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Sympathy Kit

Looking to put together a sympathy kit to send to employees who expertience the loss of a family member and to a family member wwho lost someone that works for the company. Does anyone use something like this?

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Does anyone know of any good articles on team based incentives you can share?

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Recommendations: Occupational Health Center

I am looking for an occupational health center in the Saginaw market for pre-employment physical / drug screen / immunizations. Can anyone make a recommendation? Thank you!

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Severance Policy

I am looking for a sample severance policy. I don't necessarily need your full policy, but am looking more for the mechanics: - When you pay - How you pay (payroll, trust, lump sum, with staged normal payroll - How varies at each staff level (hourly, salaried, managerial, executive) - Minimums - Maximums - Anything else Thank you!

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Job Description

Our organization is considering hiring a recruiter or liaison specifically focused on Veterans. Do you have a similar position in your organization and if so, would you be willing to share a job description?

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HR to Staff ratios

Is anyone willing to share their HR to Staff Ratio, for positions on their HR team? I would be very happy to reciprocate the data. Thank you!

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Drug Tests

 Hello Everyone! I was wondering when you run drug test on employees. Is it suspicion based, random, or after an incident happens? Thank you!

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Does your HR department maintain all independent contract staff contracts? If not, what department does?

We are just transferring this responsibility to HR—it’s not been well organized before. Would love tohear what others are doing and how to set it up.

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Social Services Question

If you have a Social Service Technician in your Social Services department, what is their job title? Do they list their job title as a Social Worker (Limited)? Thank you.

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Relocation Companies

Relocation CompaniesHi everyone! I hope that you're enjoying the summer ... One of my clients asked me about what relocation companies and/or professionals that I'd recommend. Over the years, I've worked with several but wanted to see who really provides the best service and how these firms are used. What are you finding that has worked well for you?

Michelle Whittaker-McCracken, CPC, SPHR

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