Membership Levels

  • Practitioner membership $75.00 - for individuals who have professional responsibilities for Human Resources or employee relations functions in organizations across the continuum of care.

  • Facility Membership (see corporate tier pricing below) - for facilities desiring to provide membership benefits for multiple human resource practitioners within their organization (at one or more of their facilities).  Once you determine a membership tier, please contact our Administrative Assistant for set up: [email protected]

  • Corporate pricing is as follows:

    2 to 5 members - $200

    6 to 15 members - $500

    16 - 50 members - $1,000

    51 - 100 members - $1,500

    100 + - $2,000   

  • Consultant Membership $100.00 -  for individuals who support Human Resource leadership in organizations across the continuum of care through consultative services.                                                          

  • Academic/Student Membership $25.00 - for individuals who are currently enrolled in a degree-seeking program and not currently employed in an HR Practitioner role, and shall provide proof of enrollment in a college or university.

  • Emeritus/Retiree Membership (No Fee) -  for former practitioner members who are no longer active in the profession due to retirement or disability.  The emeritus member shall have had at least five years of membership in MHHRA in good standing and have performed with distinction in the human resources profession.  

    This distinction is limited to those who have been an officer, board member, or committee/task force member and /or made some outstanding contribution to MHHRA.   All nominations must be submitted through a board member.  The appropriate board member will present the recommendation with endorsement to the board at its next regular meeting. Board approval is required for this type of membership.

  • Honorary Membership (No Fee) - may be granted by the MHHRA Executive Board. To be considered eligible, a person must have made a significant contribution to a healthcare organization in the area of Human Resources.